Martifer builds stadium for Euro 2012 in Poland

The polish company Energomontaz Polundie adjudicated Martifer Polska the manufacturing and assembly of the metallic structure for the Baltic Arena, the stadium under construction in Gdansk, integrated in the Euro 2012, the soccer competition co-organised by Poland and Ukraine.
Martifer Solar reaches 5 MW of PV installations in Belgium

The facilities on rooftop, always economically operated by a third party, use a unique technology with gravitational structures that does not require perforation.
Martifer informs about change to the composition of the board of directors and executive committee

Martifer changes its governance model, increasing business areas' independence and complying with the internationa Corporate Governance rules.
Martifer Aluminum and Martifer Solar implement the BIPV of a new Culture Hall

Martifer in its divisions Aluminum and Solar have implemented the photovoltaic architectural integration of the Casa de Cultura Carlos Muñoz Ruiz, in Alcobendas, Madrid.
Martifer's CNO promotes dissemination sessions (PT version)

Martifer's Centre for new opportunities will promote dissemination sessions in all counties of Oliveira de Frades, between September 21st and October 3rd, destined to local populations.
Martifer registers a net profit of 112.6 million Euros in the first half of 2009

Martifer SGPS, SA registered, during the first half of 2009, a consolidated net profit of 112.6 million Euros, which compares to 9.7 million Euros recorded during the same period in 2008.
Martifer builds Renault factory in Morocco (PT version)

Martifer as won the tender to execute the engineering studies of the steel structure, as well as its production and assembly, of the new factory Renault will develop in Tangier, Morocco.
Martifer Solar gets 300,000 sqm of roofs for pv installations

Martifer Solar has developed a business challenge that has led it to attract 300,000 sqm of roof to deploy photovoltaic installations.
Martifer reaches an agreement to increase its stake in Ventinveste (PT version)

Martifr Renewables signed an agreement with ENERSIS to acquire the totality of the share capital of Parque Eólico Penha da Gardunha, LDA. (‘PEPG’).
Martifer and Hirschfeld create joint venture to manufacture wind power components

Martifer Energy Systems and Hirschfeld Wind Energy Solutions announce the creation of a joint venture for the manufacture of components for wind turbines in the United States of America to serve the North American markets.
Martifer Renewables inaugurates its first wind farm in Poland (PT version)

Martifer Renewables inaugurated today its first wind farm in Poland. The plant is located in Łęki Dukielksie – Krosno and is constituted by five Repower MM 92 wind turbines.
Martifer announces completion of payment relating to REpower

In respect to the information of 28 May 2009, Martifer informs that today was completed the final payment of circa 87,6 million euros related to the third and final tranche on the payment schedule agreed with the Suzlon Group related to the sale of Martifer’s stake in REpower Systems AG.
Martifer's revenues grow 33% in the first quarter - PT version

Martifer presents the first quarter 2009 results.
Martifer announces agreement regarding payment of final 175 million euros tranche relating to Repower

In respect to the conclusion of the transaction agreed between Martifer Group (´Martifer’) and Suzlon Group (‘Suzlon’) involving the sale of Martifer’s remaining stake in Repower Systems AG (‘Repower’), Martifer announces that the following dates were agreed regarding the payment of third and final tranche as per the payment schedule announced 15 December 2008.
Martifer Renewables reaches 100 MW of installed capacity

Martifer Renewables now has a portfolio of 104.6 MW of installed capacity.
Martifer delivers first CNO (Centro Novas Oportunidades - New Opprtunities Centre) certificates (PT Version)

Martifer has delivered today the first 9th grade certificates of the companies CNO.
Martifer Solar presents new products in three of the lergest european fairs in the sector (PT version)

Martifer Solar will be present in the three main fairs of the PV sector in Europe: SolarExpo, from May 6 to 9 in Verona, Italy; Genera’09, from May 12 to 14, in Madrid; and Intersolar, in Munich, from May 27 to 29.
Martifer signs MoU in Moura, Alentejo, Portugal (PT version)

Next April 23rd, 5 entities will sign a Memorandum of Understanfing with the goal of join efforts in order to analyse the viability for the installation of a Solar Thermal plant with 50 MW installed in Moura Council.
Martifer presents Full Year 2008 results - Martifer revenues increase 74% in 2008

Martifer’s consolidated revenues reached €901,9 Mn in Full Year 2008, representing an increase of 74% when compared with 2007 and a CAGR of 82% over the last 3 years.