Martifer Solar finishes 9 small generation PV installations for the Ferpinta Group

Martifer Solar built 9 photovoltaic installations for the Ferpinta Group, totalling 714 kWp of installed capacity. Martifer Solar was responsible for the engineering, supply and assembly of the PV systems. The development of the structures was held by the R&D Departments of both companies and their production was held by the Ferpinta Group.

"We are very pleased with this partnership that allows us to transform unused areas, such as as the roofs of our buildings, in a profitable asset. We also adopted an energetic efficiency policy, improving our environmental responsibility and cooperating in the promotion of a sustainable future”, said Jorge Teixeira, Board Member of the Ferpinta Group.

The PV systems were installed on Ferpinta’s structures. The Herculano project, in Oliveira de Azeméis (Northern Portugal) and the Vila Baleira Hotel project, in Porto Santo, Madeira, Portugal, were the two biggest installations.

Regarding the Vila Baleira Hotel, two different installations were developed: one in a ground structure requalifying an abandoned land, and other in the hotel roof, with an installed capacity of 300 kWp. This project, where 1,254 MPrime modules were installed, will avoid the emission of around 470 tons of CO2 per year, contributing for the environmental sustainability of the Porto Santo Island and its energetic autonomy.

"This is the closing of several months of work, in a complex project with quite noticeable dimensions and with installations all over the country. This projects show Martifer Solar’s capacity to surpass any kind of challenge in the Portuguese small generation market”, said Luís Silva, Director of Martifer Solar’s Small Generation department.

These 9 projects will allow the production of over 1 GWh of clean energy annually and will avoid the emission of around 1,200 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.