Martifer Metallic Constructions is a player with global recognition in the sector. The company is focused on two major geographic areas: Europe and the Middle East and Africa, and has industrial units that allow it, from those areas, to build the most complex projects in diversified places such as Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, Djelfa in Algeria, or Lyon in France. 

Its industrial units are located in Portugal, in Romania, in Angola, in Mozambique (in partnership) and in Algeria (in partnership).

This business area bases its development strategy on the differentiation of its engineering quality and its vocation for complex projects. Martifer Metallic Constructions aims to follow a directed strategy, by partnering with companies from complementary segments, which will allow it not only to offer more complete solutions, but also to gain a greater dimension, especially internationally.

It provides global and innovative engineering solutions, namely in the metal mechanical constructions, aluminium and glass façades, infrastructures for oil & gas and in the naval industry segments (via its subsidiaries Navalria and West Sea).

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Martifer started activity in the shipbuilding and repair sector in 2008, with the acquisition of Navalria.

Navalria is a shipyard that develops activity of shipbuilding and repair. With a strategic location in the Port of Aveiro (central Portugal), and after a modernization process, the company has infrastructures that allow it to develop works in construction and repair of ships up to 100 metres.

At the end of 2013, following an international public tender, Martifer became the sub concessionary of the lands and infrastructures of Viana do Castelo’s shipyard. The sub concession contract was signed in January 2014, and in May, West Sea, the company created to manage the sub concession, started its activity in the shipyard.

West Sea has infrastructures that allow it to build, repair and convert ships up to 37,000 TWD and 180 metres of length. The maximum lifting capacity is 180 tons.

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